Company Background

We started Best Choice Cleaning Company after becoming frustrated by the poor service that we received from numerous cleaning companies whilst working as managers for busy London organisations.


The commitment and dedication to serving clients just wasn’t there. Offices weren’t being cleaned properly and the cleaning staff were untrained and often absent without explanation.


The account managers were difficult to get hold of but worst of all, they were never able to solve any of the problems that we were experiencing.

We wanted to prove that it was possible to have a cleaning company that employed a professional motivated team and that guaranteed a continuous high level of service. We’re happy to say that we’ve been successful in achieving this with Best Choice Cleaning Company.


When you work with us we offer you the following guarantees:

An exceptional standard of cleaning services

High quality repair and maintenance services

A professional, dedicated and motivated workforce

Cost effective pricing

Regular monitoring of our team’s work and attendance to ensure that they meet our and your high standards

Flexible booking options to suit your schedule

Responsive account management. We’re only ever just a phone call away

For a free quote and to find out how we can best serve you, call us on 020 8699 6950 or email us at

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