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Is it time for a ‘spring clean’ in your office?
We offer a deep cleaning service to complement your regular cleaning schedule. Our deep clean offers the ultimate in extensive cleaning to tackle dirt and grime in those hard to reach areas.


Our team take the time to move furniture, climb ladders and get down low so that we can scrub, polish and sanitise any hidden areas. 

Deep Cleaning

deep clean.png

To avoid interrupting staff whilst we clean, we’re happy to offer our office deep cleaning services after hours, on the weekends or over the holidays.


Our deep clean service includes all of the features of our regular cleaning service along with the following:


Moving furniture for a thorough mop, scrub and vacuum of floors and carpets
Cleaning kitchen surfaces, cupboards, sinks and appliances (Microwaves, dishwashers, fridges)
Sanitising office and kitchen bins
Disinfecting and cleaning toilets including cubicles, surfaces, mirrors and sanitary bins
Cleaning and sanitising keyboard, screens, phones, headsets and the tops of monitors
Vacuuming and wiping office chairs and sofas
Wiping down light switches, handles, skirting boards and window sills
Cleaning shelves and vending machines
Removing mildew and limescale
Cleaning vents


For a free quote and to find out how we can best serve you, call us on 020 8699 6950 or email us at

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